Clearlake Oaks, CA

Lake County’s easternmost community—referred to as “the Oaks” by locals—is scattered with both lakefront and hilltop homes. Other nearby communities include Glenhaven, Kono Tayee, Paradise Cove and Spring Valley.

Some favorite spots are Shannon Ridge Winery and High Valley Estate Vineyards tasting rooms and Happy Garden, a Thai and Chinese restaurant, plus several lakeside resorts and campgrounds frequented year-round. Eleven Roses Ranch, in the mountains above Clear Lake, offers historic family ranch and wildflower tours in their mule drawn carriage.

Held annually for over twenty-five years, the Clearlake Oaks/Glenhaven Catfish Derby is the largest catfish tournament west of the Mississippi. Each May, hundreds of eager anglers visit Clear Lake for a chance to land the BIG ONE and win one of many prizes. The tournament features: separate divisions for adults and children; food and entertainment; a new boat, motor, and trailer for the largest fish caught in the adult division; a quad ATV for the largest fish in the children’s division; and over $9,000 in cash and other prizes.

The July 4th Maxine Sherman Memorial Annual Fireworks display presented at Widgeon Bay in Clearlake Oaks every year is a cherished tradition in this area. Maxine Sherman was a Clearlake Oaks-Glenhaven Business Association member who was convinced of the importance of putting on this yearly display and worked hard to make that happen. The fireworks are launched from Widgeon Point in Clearlake Oaks.

Many new projects have been completed or are underway in the Oaks/Glenhaven area. Recently completed projects include Nylander Park and Town Plaza with picnic tables and barbecue grills, a new youth center, a new visitor center, and the Eskaton senior apartment complex. Projects underway include a new town clock, street lamps and sidewalks.

We have everything you need for a visit to Lake County right here in the Oaks: hotels, campgrounds, fishing resorts, free boat launching, a tackle shop, and wine tasting.

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